Rebates for drought-tolerant gardens

California's historic drought requires that we all reduce our water use. One easy way to conserve is to replace your water-thirsty lawn with a beautiful, drought-tolerant garden. Bay Area water agencies and cities are now offering cash rebates to do just that! And it can have a big impact - outdoor irrigation accounts for 35% of total water use by households in the region.

We live in one of the world's five Mediterranean climates, which are some of the most botanically diverse areas on Earth. Simply put, this climate is a gardener's dream. Many Mediterranean climate plants, including California natives, are highly drought-tolerant. If you'd like more information on how to convert your lawn to a water-wise yet colorful, textured, diverse, and lush landscape, please do get in touch!

For some more information on rebate programs, you can visit here

Leucospermum 'Scarlet Ribbon', a South African native, does very well in the Bay Area.